Elizabeth Barrett Browning once said, “Light tomorrow with today.”

I think she’s talking about planting a certain type of seed: doing things each day — even when today is a little dark — to ensure that tomorrow is a little brighter.

This would include, for example, continuing to put money in your savings account even when things are tight financially right now. Or continuing to give your best effort at work even when your future with the company is uncertain. Or continuing to nurture a relationship that might not survive the current storm.

Regardless of what you’re going through today, you need to continue to plant seeds for tomorrow. Sometimes it feels futile — the future has a way of appearing all too uncertain — but we can trust in God’s goodness.

Isaiah promises:

God will greatly bless his people. Wherever they plant seed, bountiful crops will spring up. (Isaiah 32:20)

By planting seeds today, we are shining a light into tomorrow. No matter how dark it is today, you can begin planting seeds of light for tomorrow. God’s faithfulness will ensure a bountiful crop.