Eagle Soaring

The Eagle and the Hippo

Every day — every moment of every day — you have the power to choose your environment.

John Wooden

Legend or Critic?

A legacy is built not upon our estimation of others, but upon our own measurable accomplishments.

Encourage One Another Daily

Who Needs Encouragement

“How do you identify someone who needs encouragement? Answer: That person is breathing.”

Loud and Clear

Loud and Clear

Wisdom isn’t a whisper in the distance; her voice booms in the present tense.

Seeking God

The Restless Heart

If your heart is restless today, take a moment to re-evaluate what you really want.

Shizo Kanakuri

The Art of Finishing

It’s never too late to get back in the race. The finish is still where it used to be.

Noisy Problems

Noisy Problems

Successful leaders learn to ignore the croaking of the critics.