What Makes for a Great Ministry?

What Makes for a Great Ministry?

When I was first starting out in the ministry, I asked a pastor of a growing congregation what are the requirements a successful pastor must meet.

He said, “You need to be an entrepreneur. You need to be organized and efficient, able to manage your time well, and able to see projects through to completion.”

I don’t know if he realized it, but he was basically describing himself. (And he certainly wasn’t describing me.)

A few days later I asked another pastor — approaching retirement, having spent his ministry in churches of all shapes and sizes — the same question. Without hesitation, he answered, “You have to love your people.”

I said, “What about being organized and efficient? What about being a self-starter?”

He said, “A person with good organizational skills will have a larger congregation — and you should develop those skills as much as you can. But a pastor who loves will make a difference in people’s lives for all eternity.”

This doesn’t just apply to those in the ministry. It applies to all Christians everywhere.

Do you want to build something big? Be organized, ambitious, and efficient. There’s no question that it works, and the results can be good.

Do you make a difference in the world, no matter where you are, no matter what your leadership skills? You do it by loving others.