Two Voices

Back in the 1950s, psychologist David Broadbent performed a fairly simple experiment. He set up several subjects with headphones that were putting out two different messages at the same time, one to each ear.

Afterwards, Dr. Broadbent tested the subjects on their ability to retain the information.

His conclusion?

We can only listen to one voice at a time.

Seems like this should be obvious, doesn’t it? And yet, think of how much time we spend trying to listen to two (at least) contradictory voices at the same.

God says, “Forgive as you have been forgiven.” The other voice says, “Get even.”

God says, “Seek me first.” The other voice says, “Look out for number one.”

God says, “All things to work together for good.” The other voice says, “This situation is out of control.”

Just as no one can serve two masters, no one can listen to two voices at a time. “My sheep,” Jesus said, “Listen to my voice.” (John 10:27)

Today, all throughout the day, there will be two voices (at least) competing for your attention. One voice is pure and true; the other will deceive.

And you can listen only to one.

Which one will you engage today?