Who Needs a Team?

Whatever it is you’re trying to do, you can’t do it alone. You need a team…

Life Takes a Team

Do you want to accomplish more each day? Resist the temptation to go it alone.

This is a Football

Has life become more complicated than necessary? Maybe it’s time to locate square one, identify step one, and begin again — at the beginning.

Walk On

There are times when you can easily get out of doing what you need to do. Or … you can choose to walk on.

Stay a Little Longer

You can’t always control outcomes, but you can control one thing that is guaranteed to work in your favor every time.

The Clanging of the Bell

When you hear the toll of unforgiving thoughts, it’s time to stop for a moment, and make sure you’ve let go of the rope

What Should I Preach Next?

There’s a question nearly every pastor struggles with at some time (and for some, it’s every Sunday):
What should I preach next?