Mike Flynt Football

Dreams That Never Age

Mike FlyntOn October 13, 2007 — a  perfect day for football — 59-year-old Mike Flynt took the field for the Sul Ross State Lobos … not as a coach or trainer, but as a player. He was their starting linebacker.

Flynt had played for this Division III team back in 1970, but was forced to quit before his senior year. He never quite got over the regret of not getting to play, so 37 years later, when he discovered he still had one more semester of eligibility, he sold his house, moved back to Texas, enrolled in school, and tried out for the team.

Sports Illustrated called him “the ultimate college senior.” A grandfather, an AARP member, eight years older than his head coach … and capable of playing against guys one-third his age. Mike Flynt earned his spot on the roster like all the other players.

He said, “This opportunity is just a testament to what you can do at any stage of your life if you’ll just take a few minutes every day to prioritize your health and take better care of yourself.”

Maybe the most amazing detail of Mike’s story is that, as a 59 year collegiate linebacker, he didn’t set the record. There have been a couple of others even older than him.

We need to remember that many of our limitations in life are self-imposed. God never says you’re too young, too old, too weak, too broken, or too anything to be used by him. One qualification eclipses them all: a willingness to jump in and try.

God promised through the prophet Joel that the old would continue to dream dreams. I encourage you to claim that promise. Decide today that you’ll never let the number of candles on your cake prevent you from dreaming new dreams … and pursuing them.