Bright Monday

This Changes Everything Monday

Another Easter is in the books.

Many of us observed the specially named days last week, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. And no doubt we all celebrated Easter yesterday, which is now often called Resurrection Sunday.

But what about today? The Monday after Easter? What do we call it?

Back-to-Business-as-Usual Monday?

I don’t think so. Not if we believe the message we heard yesterday.

Jesus’ closest followers spent Resurrection Sunday trying to fully absorb what they had just seen and heard. As in: Could it really be true? And if it is, what then?

By Monday, they were making plans and moving forward. Cautiously, perhaps, because some uncertainties had yet to be resolved. But they were moving forward nonetheless, making decisions based on the breaking news: Jesus is alive, and this changes everything.

Maybe that’s what we could call today: This Changes Everything Monday. The truth of the resurrection means that we factor the reality of the Risen Christ into every plan, every detail, every activity.

The Eastern tradition, by the way, calls this day Bright Monday. The entire week is called Bright Week, or Renewal Week. It’s a seven day celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.

What a great idea.

Instead of putting Easter behind us and turning our attention to the next activity, maybe we could spend these days focused on making each and every decision based on this powerful truth:

Jesus is alive… and the same Spirit that raised him from the dead is now living in us… and through his power we are made to be more than conquerors. (Romans 8)

How does this reality affect our plans?

It changes everything.

Easter 2023 may be in the books, but it’s not behind us, and it never will be. The impact of this powerful day has just begun.