Fifty some-odd years ago a conference on comparative religions was held at Cambridge University. Theologians and scholars from around the world had come together to explore various religious ideas.

One such topic was, “Which belief (or doctrine) is unique to the Christian faith?” Many of the things that Christians believe, other religions believe, too. Other religions have stories of incarnation and resurrection and various plans of salvation … so the question asked was: What is unique about the Christian faith?

C.S. Lewis happened into the room and someone said to him, “We’re discussing Christianity’s unique contribution among the world religions.” Lewis said, “Oh, that’s easy. It’s grace.”

After some discussion and debate, those at the conference agreed. Christianity is the only religion that suggests that God’s love is offered to us for free, with no strings attached, and that his mercy is available to everyone … even the most undeserving.

Anyone can be made right with God by the free gift of His loving-favor. It is Jesus Christ Who bought them with His blood and made them free from their sins. (Romans 3:24 New Life Version)

This is certainly the church’s best news, and often our best kept secret.

Remind others today — and yourself too, if necessary — of God’s never-ending love.