The average person talks to themselves thousands of times a day. For many, much of that self-talk is negative:

“Why can’t you do anything right? You’ll never get a break. You’ll never succeed. You don’t have a chance. You’ll never change…”

These words reinforce what we believe about ourselves, and they influence the actions we take.

As a result, we find it easier to believe in the ‘power’ of our weakness than to believe in the power of the God who came to transform us into his likeness.

God spoke through Joel this simple phrase:

Let the weak say ‘I am strong.’ (Joel 3:10) 

He was talking about the day of battle; he was guaranteeing his people a victory.

Every day is the day of battle for followers of Christ. We fight temptation, discouragement, apathy, and failure — day in, day out.

And in the midst of battle, God reminds us that victory is ours.

Today’s challenge is to speak the truth at every turn — not merely what appears to be true on the surface of the situation, but the deeper truth of God’s Word.

Therefore, let the weak say I am strong — for (as David proclaimed when facing Goliath) “The battle is the Lord’s.”